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At Stencil Dental, we understand that it can be a dangerous world out there for your smile. Dental emergencies can be very disruptive to our daily lives. Not only can they ruin your smile, but they are also often extremely stressful and painful. Our emergency dentist, Dr. Ashley Gomes-Moore, understands this, which is why she tries to go above and beyond for her patients. She does everything she can for her patients, both during and after hours, to try to relieve their stress and discomfort as soon as possible. End your agony by scheduling your emergency dentist appointment now!

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When would you Need an Emergency Dentist?

A dental emergency is any traumatic injury or severe pain that occurs to your teeth or mouth. Whenever something serious happens that would require emergency dental care you should try to seek immediate attention. The risk to your overall health and levels of pain will increase if the incident remains untreated. Signs you might need emergency dental care include:
  • tooth pain
  • facial pain
  • any facial swelling
  • swelling in the mouth

Our Emergency Dental Services

Our emergency dentist, Dr. Ashley Gomes-Moore, is ready to repair your smile. She is trained to provide a variety of emergency dental services including:
  • Tooth Avulsions (knocked out)
  • Fractured and broken teeth
  • Oral Infections
  • Damaged or lost fillings, crowns, and cases

If you are in need of an emergency dentist, call our office immediately to schedule a same day appointment or call our emergency line if it is after normal business hours. We offer multiple affordable emergency dental care options to help make this incident less stressful on your life.

Why Stencil Dental?

At Stencil Dental, we go above and beyond for our patients in Swansea, MA. Our dedicated staff is here to help you and can walk you through the necessary steps to start repairing the issue including scheduling you for a same day appointment. Our emergency dentist, Dr. Gomes-Moore, also has a dedicated emergency on call phone number where her patients can reach her directly. With this service she will be able to call a prescription in for you and if needed open our office after hours for emergency treatments. See why so many people in Swansea trust Stencil Dental as their emergency dentist today!

Ready to Fix Your Smile?
You don't have to continue to suffer. With affordable emergency dentists ready to help, there is no reason your pain needs to continue. Our professional staff in Swansea, MA is here to help you through your dental emergency. Contact our dedicated team of dental professionals and restore your beautiful smile today!

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